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Call for collaboration exploring female intimate health and the microbiome!

7 Dec 2022


SMiHA advisory board member and founder and CEO of P-Happi™, Dr Chiara Heide is looking to collaborate with a member of the SMiHA network to apply for a ‘fast grant’ to look at the p.happi our technology and its impact on the microbiome in connection with inflammation in the context of fertility, pre-term birth - us providing the organism and using a vaginal tissue model for the study.  The program awards $25K-$100K to ambitious research projects aiming to deepen our understanding of the female reproductive system. More info via the link here: Repro Grants. The main application needs to be a scientist (PI, PhD student, postdoc, research assistant) that is part of an academic or non-profit research organization.

The application should not take longer than 30 min and one receive a decision within 21 days.

If you are interested in applying for this collaboration opportunity, please email the SMiHA manager Rachael Williams at who will put you in contact with Dr Heide. Grant applications close Dec 17th at 11.59 so act now!


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